QUANTUM TANKS was established in 2004 with the purpose of delivering containers for sale, used and new ISO tank containers worldwide. Our own offices and agents are covering all important tank container markets: Europe and the CIS, the Middle East and Africa, North & South America, East Asia and Asia Pacific.

The Tank Container

Different ISO Container Tanks

UN portable ISO tank containers are of fairly uniform external appearance, the construction materials, linings and fittings vary. Tank containers are classified according to the products carried and are commonly grouped in categories and referred to as FOOD GRADE tanks, CHEMICAL tanks, GAS tanks and LPG tanks.

The tank container is a pressure vessel mounted in a frame. Frame dimensions comply with the International Standard Organization (ISO) guidelines and are constructed in accordance with uniform international regulations for carriage of bulk cargoes by truck, train or ship.

Standard exterior frame dimensions on all ISO tank containers are 20’ long by 8’ wide by 8’6’ high (609 cm x 259 cm x 243 cm). There are corner castings in each of the 8 corners similar to standard cargo containers. These are two basic tank container frame

Iso Tank Containers,Frame Tank Containers, by Quantum Tanks

Frame Tank

Full frame supports the tankwithina steel frame.

Iso Tank Containers,Beam Tank Containers, by Quantum Tanks

Beam Tank

The end frame utilizes the inherent strength of the tank as a beam.

Iso Tank Containers, Swab Tank Containers, by Quantum Tanks

Swab Tank

Enclosed system for efficient swab sample collection.

ISO tank containers

Bitumen Tank

Insulated tank with heating for temperature-controlled bitumen storage.

Tank containers range in sizes from 15,000 (3962 US gallons) to 26,000 liters (6868 US gallons), and are available as either insulated or non-insulated with or without steam-heat capability. There are many variations on these themes, such as the Swab Tank container mainly utilized in domestic European trade lanes in sizes up to 35,000 liters, and special tanks for carriage of Bitumen.

Used ISO Tank Containers

QUANTUM TANKS buys used ISO tank containers of all types and sizes, mostly in “as is” condition. The tank containers then undergo a thorough inspection program and all problem areas are pinpointed and addressed accordingly All used tank containers are sold by QUANTUM TANKS in fully pressure tested and certified condition. We paint, install new prefixes, container numbers and logos according to the customer’s wishes.

Here are some examples of tanks in “as is” condition before they have undergone any kind of renovation:

New ISO Tank Containers

QUANTUM TANKS offers new ISO tank containers for sale in quantities of 10 or more, and all tank containers are built to order. Currently we supply new tank containers from two factories in southern and central China. Repositioning of the new tank containers to all locations worldwide is offered as an additional service.

All new tank containers are inspected and certified by either BV or Lloyd’s Register and meets all international standards covering pressure vessels.

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