Different ISO Container Tanks

UN portable ISO tank containers are of fairly uniform external appearance, the construction materials, linings and fittings vary. Tank containers are classified according to the products carried and are commonly grouped in categories and referred to as FOOD GRADE tanks, CHEMICAL tanks, GAS tanks and LPG tanks.

The tank container is a pressure vessel mounted in a frame. Frame dimensions comply with the International Standard Organization (ISO) guidelines and are constructed in accordance with uniform international regulations for carriage of bulk cargoes by truck, train or ship.

Standard exterior frame dimensions on all ISO tank containers are 20’ long by 8’ wide by 8’6’ high (609 cm x 259 cm x 243 cm). There are corner castings in each of the 8 corners similar to standard cargo containers. These are two basic tank container frame

Tank containers range in sizes from 15,000 (3962 US gallons) to 26,000 liters (6868 US gallons), and are available as either insulated or non-insulated with or without steam-heat capability. There are many variations on these themes, such as the Swab Tank container mainly utilized in domestic European trade lanes in sizes up to 35,000 liters, and special tanks for carriage of Bitumen.

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